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If you move portable buildings for a living, what’s a better web address to tell people what you do than

CyberComm Marketing, LLC  has developed a marketing program for professionals that move portable buildings. Our service is efficient, effective, and will give your business more exposure and enlarge your geographical footprint.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Can people find my business card on their own?
How do I send my digital business card to someone?
What information is on the digital business card?
Can anybody get listed?
How does the form help me?
What’s It Cost?
How Can I Pay?
What Info Do You Need From Me?


Features of Our Program

How can it be found?

1. is easy to remember and tells people EXACTLY what you do!  When someone goes to the directory, they enter their city in the search box where their building is located, (or the destination location) and your information comes up. Many times when someone searches in a search engine for portable building movers in their city “” will come up.


2. Once you reserve your city in the directory, it’s gone. We only allow one business to be listed. So when someone looks for a company that moves portable buildings in your area, your business will be the only one that shows up, because we don’t allow competitors!
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What’s Listed

3. Of course, your phone number is listed, as well as your E-Mail address, but we also link to your website, your social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We’ll also insert a picture of your truck, trailer, etc. A QR Code that be scanned is also placed on the card, which can also be copied, pasted, and printed out so it can be used anywhere. (See more details below)
(Please remember there’s no dialing when your number is on a mobile device, they just tap it to call!)
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The QR Code

4. We build a QR Code for your digital card, & when it’s scanned, your contact info comes up, and they can easily add it to their contacts on their phone.  If they’re looking at the QR Code on their phone after you’ve sent it to them, it’s obvious they can’t scan it, so we provide a link above the code they only have to tap with a finger to open so they can access all your info,  & an easy way to put your info into their contacts in their phone.
Check out the actual QR code below.
Tap Here to add my info to your contacts if you can’t scan the code below.

Name: Ed Ramsden
City: Claermont
State: Nc
Zip: 28610
Phone: 8287813005
What size is the building? (Please measure if necessary): 10 ft hex
How tall is the building?: 10ft
Construction: Other
Roof: Shingles
Do you know the brand name of the building? (Manufacturer): No
Current Address of Building (Include City): Maiden nc
Address (& city) where it needs to be moved?: Claremont nc
Approximately how far is the move?: 15 miles
Describe how the building sits at the current location.: On the ground
Does the building have “Skids”, (4″x 4″ or 4″X 6″ wooden beams) on the bottom?: Yes
If Yes, how many?: Two
Is the building currently supported by blocks.: Yes
If there are blocks, are they to be moved with the building?: No
When does it have to be moved?: Immediately
Is the building anchored to the ground in any way?.: Don’t Know
If yes, please give a more detailed answer.: It is a gazabo

10/30/2022   12:43 pm

-Ed Ramsden ( )