Elijah Craig Straight Rye Whiskey

The first extra-aged Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey to join Elijah Craig’s award-winning family of Bourbons. A unique combination of spicy rye grains and sweet corn, coupled with a steadfast attention to detail, give Elijah Craig Straight Rye the perfect balance of flavor and smoothness.
elijah craigstraight rye whiskey


While the distillation process for Straight Rye is
similar to our Small Batch Bourbon, the difference
lies in the mashbill. It’s 51% rye grain instead
of corn: the legal requirement for this style
of American Whiskey.

“On the palate, it’s like butter, drenching down the jawline and hitting the tongue with a cadre of spice, from
cinnamon to black pepper.”

COLOR: Medium chestnut
AROMA: Dark chocolate with spices and a hint of smoke
TASTE: Rich baking spices and honey backed up with smooth oak influence
FINISH: Long and lingering
PROOF: 94 Proof


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